iPhone 365 by Darren Hester
  • 021/365 - Antique Piano

    The Fayette S. Cable Piano Company was established in 1903 and built pianos under that name until the until the 1980's. This one was given to our family as a gift. Not sure exactly how old it is, but it still sounds great.

  • 020/365 - Down with the Flu

    Scattered Advil in front of NyQuil bottle. Feeling terrible today. This is creative as I can get before I go back to bed.

  • 019/365 - Ice Cold

    Abstract background of blue glass.

  • 018/365 - Skull and Burning Computer

    Skull in front of a flaming computer screen. Created this image with Photoshop Express, Afterlight, and Image Blender on my iPhone 6 Plus.

  • 017/365 - Neon Glow

    Red glow from the neon sign on the Downtown Grill Steakhouse in Macon, GA.